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canucksgirl5 years ago
For the price it doesn't make sense. 

Here's an LED ribbon light that's intended for "in home use" and its a lot cheaper.
rodsteryz (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thanks for the answer. I bought some like these for the basement I am redoing but now I need some "up" lights that would shine up from underneth the bottles in the bar i built. This ribbon would have to lay flat and I need to run them back and forth for 2 passes so I couldn't get them to work. I ran some rope lights under them but the rope lights just don't put off enough light so I was looking for an alternative.
Here's a lighting company (from Denver, CO) that boasts a number of solutions for the bar and lighting up the bottles. You may or may not get some inspiration from the images.

Without really seeing photos of your bar and shelving its a little hard to suggest specifics. Glass shelves and wood shelves would require different lighting solutions. The most cost effect solution I would think is using spotlights. You can get them in various intensities, in track mounts, wall mounts and individual units that are more customizable.

I'd be glad to help further, but I think you need to upload a photo or two at this point.
Did you have time to check out the lighting company link I gave you?
Vyger5 years ago
I don't think the tubes would be very bright either since they are made for car interiors.
You can use a "wall Wart" 12 volt power supply for most of the low amperage car accessories.You would need to cut the end off and splice it on to the power connector. Another thing to use would be an old salvaged computer power supply.

I kind of like the ribbon lights thing. I didn't know that stuff was available.

What would work best for your needs would be Christmas lights which most stores now have on close out sales. I saw some for 70 % off the other day. You can get white ones or probably solid color ones.

Another alternative is the small cold cathode lights that are used for computer case modding, something which is dieing out in popularity.

Here is a company that has all kinds of lighting stuff for computers.
Re-design Vyger5 years ago
+1 on the wall wart.
+2 on the wall wart. :)