Can u Turn a Pair of dirt bike wheels into bicycle wheels?

Is it Possible to change a pair of dirt bike wheels from dirtbike to bicycle wheels so as to make it support more weight (lbs.), namely mine.

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ac-dc7 years ago
If you feel buying new higher-strength bicycle wheels is not enough, you are going to have to assume the rest of the bicycle also cannot handle the weight including forks, seat, frame, bearings.

IMO, you should just buy a high quality steel framed mountain bike, ride it and THEN see if it holds up, because at that point you can just pay for the parts that need replacing when deciding what to upgrade... or you can of course do that with an existing bike you own, did you find that your wheels were damaged?   If so, I suspect more than anything it was just hitting an obstacle or they were below average quality wheels to begin with.
macmccune7 years ago
the dirt bike tires would be abnormally heavy, and too hard to pedal. just go to wal mart and buy a new one fatty
ANDY!8 years ago
if you want, take the old wheel off, take the front spokes and pull them apart till the dirt bike wheel fits, same with the back. Putting a chain it would be a problem. ust getting a new bike would be eaisier
lemonie8 years ago
Change the tyres? L
CrawdadMan8 years ago
Your better off just forking up a bit more money and getting some more sturdy rims. Dirtbike wheels are much wider so you would have to get new forks and change up your gears. It wouldnt be a smooth ride in the end anyways. you would have to work more than twice as hard to turn those wheels. Go to a bike store near you and ask about stronger rims. It will be much cheaper and you will get a better result.