Can u make me a halo suit....PLEASE!!!! ill pay u $100???

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Deathcapt8 years ago
For $100 You're better off making it yourself out of cardboard. Just make a cardboard set from pepakura templates. It's really easy just takes some time. Given that you're budget is $100, and you're asking somebody on the internet, I'd bet you're a (little) kid, so you've probably got tons of free time. Not hard, and all you need is a printer, britol board, and hot glue...lots of hot glue.
reklaw877 years ago
i agree with checking out the 405th, though i don't know about it costing more than $100 depending on how many bells and wistles you put into it. btw sale of a halo suit is illegal unless you have permision from bungie, just for future reference.
pokeman8 years ago
i can, but for at least $200 and it would take quite some time i would also need your height, age, and body type
ryugatana8 years ago
Well you did say "PLEASE!!!!" But... no.
lordhazzard8 years ago
squirt85008 years ago
check you will need more than $100 dollars though