Can we 3D print food?

If there are really no limits to 3D printer can we really 3D print food?

It would be very helpful as it would help reduce food scarcity. For example: places where there is surplus of production can send a sample to the deficient areas and using a 3D printer they could obtain it there without actually growing it.

If it is possible what are the inputs to be given to the 3D printer?

JON-A-TRON9 months ago

We can print food, but the short answer is that you have to have food to print with, so it kind of defeats the purpose. I think what you're talking about is something that would create food from raw materials, and I think we're a long way from that being cheaper or more accessible than growing and processing food.

Usually "3D printer food" means refined sugar with some kind of binder or hummus from an extruder.

You'll also learn how to setup and operate a desktop 3D printer. If you don't have your own 3D printer, you can still take the class and get your models printed at a service bureau, which we'll cover in the Tools and Materials lesson.

what is the cost of a printer , what materials can they print in, how much better is it to do the beginner course with a printer, is there much point in taking the class without a printer.

Can metals be printed directly from a printer, what if you have very limited computer knowledge.

is it commercially viable to use a printer to create jewellery in bulk and sell on ones own site .

I just dont understand how shape ways works as far as do you have to sell items through their site only?

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