Can we have an App made for Instructables for Ipods, Iphones, Androids, etc.?

I love being on instructables, but i can't be on the computer all the time, and i have an Ipod touch, can an app be made for ipod touch's, iphone's, and androids?

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Crafty seems to be a not-ready-for-prime-time app. There are a few "great" reviews from when it was first released. All other reviews note that it crashes consistently. I had the same results when I installed it. It has not been updated since September, so perhaps it's just not kept up with the newer OSs.

So back to the original question: is/can/will there be an Instructables app?

Until then the web site through the browser on the iPhone will have to do, I guess!

Kiteman5 years ago
There used to be an instructables app, but it no longer seems to be on the app store. No great loss, though, because it was rubbish.

There's an app by Harpcorp called "Crafty", which claims to keep you up to date with a number of craft sites, including instructables, but I haven't tried it.

Senior Waffleman (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Would you recommend "Crafty"?
I've not tried it, since I now have fairly continuous Internet access, but it's free, so nothing lost if you download it and decide you don't like it.
Senior Waffleman (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Hmm, well i tried it, i dont like it.