Can we use a rc cars transmitter and reciever to make a rc plane?

Can i use a single n20 motor and actuator to make a plane that flies.And rc from a car.

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rickharris5 months ago


1. You need quite a lot of motor power to get an aeroplane in the air. Your car motor probably isn't up to it.

2. Normally as a minimum you would need 2 proportional signals - Rudder and Elevator. You can add engine off on or even proportional speed control of the engine. but you can get away without that.

3. The range of the car transmitter is probably quite short, cars don't go much out of sight.but for an aircraft you really need upto 3/4 mile to be confident.

4. technically it might be illegal depending on the frequency as only certain specific frequencies are allowed for aircraft control.

5 goto

an aircraft setup isn't all that expensive.

SaadE25 (author)  rickharris5 months ago

If i use an actuator and connect its wires to rc car left right . Its transmitter range is long enough ro fly plane near me.Is elevator important . Can i only use rudder.Thanks

You may be able to get away with just motor speed contro and rudder but reallyt unless you experienced at setting up the motor angles your going to need a rudder.

Essentially if you angle the motor up a few degrees, when you power up the motor drags the nose up and when you turn the motor off the nose drops. This is OK BUT you need a LOT of room to fly in because your
ability to get the aircraft back down is limited by the lack of elevator control, can bw done - not easy to fly.

If by actuator you mean an RC servo then the signal for it needs to be of a very specific nature, your car left and right may or may not supply the correct signal.

SaadE25 (author)  SaadE255 months ago

I am not using car motor.

rickharris5 months ago

What were you doing qwith it at the time?

Asking open questions with no data isn't going to get you many good answers

SaadE25 (author)  rickharris5 months ago

ok sorry . i will not ask questions now.Thanks.

SaadE25 (author) 5 months ago

Suddenly my n20 motor stopped working. Plz help.

iceng5 months ago

Difficult ?, a car has FWD/REV, STOP/START and analog_STEERING

a plane has START/STOP, analog_RUDDER, and analog_ELEVATOR

So if your RC does not have dual analog channels you can't fly.

Then the n20 motor is geared down to 30 RPM which is way too slow for a propeller..

When you overcome these minor difficulties then you can FLY into the blue yonder!

SaadE25 (author)  iceng5 months ago

please tell me the minimum and max rpm for motor to fly

TYPICALLY 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.

80 watts can fly a light air craft 150 watts is better.

LOOK AT THE flitetest site I linked to above.

SaadE25 (author)  iceng5 months ago

the motor is not geared