Can you attach a micro inverter after a ups to stop feeding back into the grid ?

i have a couple off ups set up so that they use solar to charge a battery bank and use that power before switching onto the grid (basically in reverse to how they should work).
now id like to take some off the load off the inverter and use micro inverters to add to my inverter however i am not allowed to feed into the grid so if i attach the the micro-inverter after the ups would it feed into the grid when the ups is in grid mode or would it only power devices attached to the ups ?

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iceng3 months ago

Yea.... Um,, hard to answer without a block diagram,,

Kieren-J (author)  iceng3 months ago

Heres a bock diagram showing what id like to do

block diagram.PNG
iceng Kieren-J3 months ago

The 230V_GRID_POWER block feeds the Ups_Inverter block by reducing the mains input to a rectified 24 VDC.. The Ups may or may not be able to distinguish between the DC source Battery or Mains... That depends on the Ups purpose Emergency supply or saving Grid Cost...

Placing your micro inverter after the Ups would not feed any power Mains based on logic and the fact that a rectifier does not permit magical DC to AC

inversion.. I don't really understand what benefit the microverters provide ?

No need for concern, you would need a Four or Two Quadrant power inverter (Not A simple Ups) to push AC back into the Mains grid...

steveastrouk3 months ago

You would need to isolate the inverter connected to the mains. Its output stage is likely to be very unhappy if it tries to fight the voltages there.