Can you cook instant noodles with hot water?

Can you cook instant ramen with hot water? Not the instant cup ones, but the instant pack ones, the one that you usually have to cook.
What I mean by "with hot water" is cooking that pack noodles (where you usually have to cook) like a cup instant noodles.

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Yes. This is called steeping. Add the water and noodles and cover. Let stand for 3 minutes. Very standard.

The Ramen Rater
lemonie5 years ago
If they're "instant" noodles, that is what "instant" means - no need for boiling.

bajablue5 years ago
Absolutely... and you can cook other types of pasta, too!

Coffee Maker Cooking
rickharris5 years ago
If you let them stand I guess so - Even dry Spaghetti will go soft if you soak it for long enough (needs heat to cook the flour though.)
Yes, Just poor the boiling water on, cover the dish and wait about 20 minutes. I do it all the time. If the water isn't boiling then it could take much longer for the noodles to absorb the water if at all. Sometimes you end up with slightly crunchy noodles. No big deal really.