Can you determine the display type?

this is a defective display belong to zoom g3x model,and i want to replace it,i dont know if its called monochrome, it shows only yellow and black colors.size of lcd is 2.3 inch
also how can i measure pixels,so i can order the right one.

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MauroC311 year ago

no soul ?

MauroC311 year ago

I have to replace a display. If you have discovered the model, can you tell me what kind it is?


What I know is that his resolution is 128 x 64.

-max-2 years ago

I wonder if it is actually the display that is damaged. It is physically damaged, as it it does partially show the stuff it is supposed to but is cracked and black blobs have taken over it? Did you already google the numbers to see if they pull up anything?

Yes, it is monochrome since it only shows 2 colors, or 1 bit of color depth. The yellow LED backlight is probably separate, but can't tell.

If the display does not work, as it there are annoying vertical or horizontal lines, and there are no silicon chips of the LED modules themselves, then it may be as simple as refitting the connector, cleaning off the contacts, etc.

sajjadgolzari (author)  -max-2 years ago

and about those two pictures i uploaded in reply,each display has 100 preset effect image to choose,and this defective display shows about 30 pics of them looks like washed out pictures and the remaining 70 pics are fine.

sajjadgolzari (author)  -max-2 years ago

i don't know about physical damage,because when i recieved this product, the problem was there the very first time I turned it on,i have uploaded 2 pictures,as you can see one picture is perfectly good and the other one shows washed out picture or it looks like contrast is set very high,i replace other display(this product have 3 displays) that works fine to check if its boards fault,the result was display was defective.

i googled the model number on google,yahoo & alibaba and there was no result.

i didn't clean it yet,i am looking to buy a new one,and it was hopeless,i can't change the flat cable(it is attached to display) but i give it a try to clean it.

zoom-lcd-4.jpgzoom g3x-lcd (1).jpg