Can you download Spotify music?

hey guys! any idea if there is a way to download music from spotify so that one can play it offline on any device? thank you!

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rpsc201522 days ago

I guess Spotify premium members can download the music from spotify. If you need to download music offline on your mobile then you can also use these legit free <a href="http://www.akshatblog.com/listen-download-music-using-legit-music-downloader-apps/">music downloader apps</a> for android, ios and windows phones.

MatejH47 months ago
When I convert and download Spotify to mp3 I use http://spotifytube.com. It finds your music on various mp3 storing sites in best quality

premium members of Spotify can enjoy the "Offline Play" function. In this case,
you can listen to the songs freely or even transfer them to other devices. But
if you don’t wish to pay, get an online recorder to record Spotify songs is the
best alternative solution. Actually, I always get the songs or ringtones by
recording them free.

mfasanya3 years ago
go here http://spotify-mp3.co.uk to quickly convert spotify to mp3
KapserLyyke3 years ago
Spotify is the streaming music. Technically, you can't download it, but you can record it just like recorder online radio. It's legal, but it might break the rule of Spotify. I personal use this Spotify recorder tool that better than Audacity. It works for any streaming music.
amaqui3 years ago
well..yes there are ways and this question has already been answered, there is a big "thread" that went on about it some time ago. actually that's where i found this soft called audials tunebite which lets you record the music that you play in spotify and convert it to multiple formats (mp3, flac, wma, wav, ogg, acc etc.); this would allow you to use the files on whatever device you own, I think that most popular file formats are covered within the soft. it works pretty easily, you basically just play your music and turn on the recording feature and the soft does everything (it recognizes the artist, song title, adds lyrics and album covers - this is pretty cool actually). and yes, to make a long story short, i would recommend using a recording soft like tunebite (and if you;re curious to see how it works exactly, take a look here: http://audials.com/en/how_to_record_internet_radios/spotify.html). greets!
Just be aware that this is illegal and be prepared for the consequences if you are caught.
rickharris3 years ago
Audacity works I understand but of course you are breaking copyright.