Can you edit a published instructable,

Once your instructable has been published can you edit it to add something that you think might make it clearer to understand?

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astroboy9076 years ago
Yep -log in, go to your profile, click "instructables" (it is one of the options in your profile)
Then a list of your published instructables should apear, with a little (edit) by the title :)
Tony Rimmer5 months ago

After editing a previously published Instructable, is it necessary to re-publish it?

Kiteman6 years ago
Yes, you can edit published instructables.

If you do that, your followers will get an automatic message to say you have changed something.
really? I didnt know about the auto message :)
iceng6 years ago
What about an instrucrtable that gets edited during q contest ??

Kiteman iceng6 years ago
That is acceptable
Vyger6 years ago
Yes, as the author you retain complete rights to change things any way you like and that includes deleting it if you so choose to do so.