Can you feed a dog raw meat?

I thought yes because after all a wolf or fox doesn't cook its dinner. but is it OK to feed them raw meat?

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cmd3537 years ago
I think there's an old saying that if you give a dog raw meat then it will go "wild" and angry. I don't know if it's true. Could people give some feedback on this?
Yes you can feed them raw meat with no ill affects. After a couple of days of a queezy stomach, you will have a brand new dog. Depending on the breed the dog will have less gas, leave alot less poop in the yard, and smell oh so much better. You will notice a change on the nice side of the dogs apperance, coat shinning, and much better breath. I did this for my shepeard I had and he absolutly turned into an entirely different dog. He wasnt sleeping all the time and after feeding him good food, it turned him from my pet to one of the family. He was always with one of us, anywhere we went

Hope this helps
nepheron7 years ago
Yes, dogs can eat raw meat. However, the meat in stores is full of bacteria and viruses from sitting out for days. Cooking the meat kills the bad stuff, but if you feed it to your dog may have problems. You should probably only feed you dog fresh raw meat (like, the animal was killed the same day).
acidbass7 years ago
 yes you can but you might want to expect some digestion probs for the first few days 
Yes. Dogs are related to wolves, who are strict carnivores.
Yes, you can feed your dog raw meat. Just don't give it a piece with small bones, sharp bones, or fish bones, or poultry bones. Don't give it food that has been left out or otherwise improperly handled/prepared. Other than that, you can offer it any meat. In fact, meat and bones will likely do your pet good. One tip though, watch out or signs of discomfort or illness during the first few meals. It can happen if a dog is unacustomed to raw food, but it's rare. Odds are much better that your dog will be extremely happy with your choice. If the dog won't take raw meat or it just hides it somewhere... try giving a fresh piece of bone. We had a hound who wouldn't try fresh game (who takes dog food on a hunting trip?)... and a bit of fresh marrow seemed to give him a taste for the meat.
jtobako8 years ago
They might not be used to it (intestinal discomfort, gas, not sure it's food), they will probably need more of it than cooked foods, and they probably will drag it all over the place and make a mess. Other than that, feral dogs do just fine.
Joe Martin8 years ago
Yes, but I would only really if it was fresh, Mix it with some cooked white rice too.
Kiteman8 years ago
Look at their teeth. Did they evolve to chew tough vegetables, squish cooked mush or cut up raw meat?
NachoMahma8 years ago