Can you get rabies from eating the meat of a rabid animal?

For instance, you kill a squirrel that happens to be rabid, cook the meat and eat it (not the brains, of course). Could you contract rabies?

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kelseymh6 years ago
Apparently yes, though in both reported patients, transmission was presumed through handling and eating infected brain matter.

There was also prophylaxis applied to a group who drank unpasteurized milk from an infected cow. In that case, no actual transmission was observed.

If you follow good protection measures when preparing the animal (wear gloves and a mask, clean surfaces before and after with bleach, etc.) and cook at appropriate temperatures, any rabies virus particles present should be inactivated.
nklee8 months ago

Ok people heres the facts to help you.

1. only mammals can contract rabies. That means fish, birds, and reptiles can not.
if you dont believe it look up animals who can contract rabies it should be on google.

2. Cats are currently the highest carriers for rabies in n.america due to the over abundence of ferro cats today. It originally was raccoons.
yes squirrels and bunnies. And rabbits are all mammals yes. They can have rabies!

If a animal could possibly be carrying rabies do NOT eat the brains, organs, or bone maero. The main meat is the only safe area.
if the animal was possibly bitten before killed. Do NOT eat the meat around the bitten area as well. Completely remove the areas. If it was bite on the leg or neck or head etc, discard the entire area.

Make sure meat is completely cooked

there are many animal disease and control sites you can use for any more information or questions you may need help with

Goodhart6 years ago
I didn't think rabbits nor squirrels get rabies very often, being they are not carnivores.
All mamals can contract rabies.

that's not actually true. Opossum are immune to Rabies, but will act like they have it as a defense mechanism.

you are soooooo very wrong!!!! They CAN get rabies. Please do your research!

Raccoons are the number one transmitters of Rabies in N. America according to the cdc.

they get it if they are bitten its pass through the saliva and through scratches if they get away they are carriers for a short time if not then there dinner
Yes, I just meant that the statistical occurrence is less then with carnivores as they tend to have more contact with diseases of this sort.
swizzle6 years ago
Squirrels can't get rabies!! But fish can? Go figure?!? Swiz
WendyM18 swizzle8 months ago

um you have that backwards. Only mammals get rabies and since fish aren't mammals they can't get rabies. Squirrels can get rabies, but it is extremely rare.

Mofo#1 swizzle4 years ago
noo way! that can't be true!
sduggan3 Mofo#13 years ago
its not true
Derin6 years ago
I'd say you could also get it from a rapid animal.
Goodhart Derin6 years ago
only if it was both rapid and rabid ;-) <br /> <div id="refHTML"> </div>
dont be mean his pc must have dislexia it fliped the b upsaid down LOL
I was just teasing :-)
sduggan33 years ago

this website will tell you everything you need to now such as yes you can cook it and eat the meet and be fine and no fish cant get rabies and yes squrrils and rabbits can the site lists what type of animels can and cant get it like m4industries says all mamals can get it reptiles fish cant hope this help you out more