Can you hack or mod an xbox 360 controller to work with a PC and play PC games?

Some PC games I have support use of a controller, so I was wondering if you could hack a 360 controller to work with PC games.

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maddogfenby7 years ago
I had this problem for a while - my Xbox 360 died and I had a few charge&play cables with wireless controllers... none of them worked even with Xbox 360 compatible PC games. Had to get a "Xbox 360 for Windows" or simply a wired 360 controller. I purchased one from Gamestop for cheap and it works great... but the game has to be compatible.
1825157 years ago
I take it that you haven't gotten a new xbox360?
An Villain7 years ago
HAX! *Computer monitor flies and hits DJ Radio in the head*
Kwitmeh37 years ago
you might have to download the controller driver off the microsoft website
Raikou-san7 years ago
You'll need either a wireless controller (with receiver: or a wired controller. You're also going to need to install the driver.

Driver is here:

After that, make sure the player 1 light is on. Press the Xbox Guide (middle shiny button) and the battery meter should appear on your computer screen. After that, you should be able to fire up a game and use the controller.

If you need help with the driver and getting the controller to work, you're welcome to PM me as I've done this before (I have a receiver).
There's probably some off brand thing that connects an Xbox controller to a PC. Probably a bloody rip off too.
stale567 years ago
I know that it works for some games (such as Fallout 3), but that is the only game I ever had to do that for. Put the PC game in, plug the XBox controller into a USB port,and try away. I didn't have to hack at all for Fallout 3.
MotaBoi7 years ago
No, but at most electronic stores you can buy Xbox 360 controllers for windows, I think that they're the same price as the regular ones too.