Can you help idenify IC chips?

I am trying to identify 3 IC chips for possible use with the project.
They areall from cd drives for old PCs.

Manufacture by TOP-G
Model #: BCD E520C

Model: CRMC-FX4824T
The headphone piece was seperate of the main board (as well as the next one) and is labeled Mitsumi 74-4602A

Model: CR-563-B
Seperate board label: LMJB0187B

I have had zero luck finding these but I've never had any luck finding IC chips.

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Sometimes this site helps:
Sometimes... the part number you give it returns nothing useful.
iceng6 years ago
You did not specify pin count or shape dip, - - -, tqfp, hidden pin, through-hole or smt for each IC of your interest.
Do you know where power and ground show up on the pins.
Any voltmeter measurements in the circuit.
Finally throbscottle wrote a great ible on,
How to reverse engineer a schematic from a circuit board
Very worth looking at.

Andale_The_Great (author)  iceng6 years ago
They are all 3 rectangular with 8 pins, i don't don't the rest of that.
I will look at his reverse-engineering on sunday. Today is little 500 in bloomington indiana and working at a liquor store is gonna take ALL my time for the next 2 days
rickharris6 years ago
To be honest unless your very good extracting ICs from old cct boards isn't worth it. You need to look to buy new and go for DIP unless your a soldering expert.

The chips may well be remarked by the manufacturer and or specially made fro their purpose.

An LM386 costs less to buy than post to you.
Andale_The_Great (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i am no expert at solder and especially unprepared tool-wise for it, but I didn't plan on removing it either. The plan was to do like Millen and use the circuitry that was there, but his proved a lot easier to identify.