Can you make a small soda can jet? If possible can you show me how to?

Not very a complicated one. Something you can make out of stuff that you have at home.

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rickharris6 years ago
Yes, NO - In my definition a jet produces thrust.

Tthis is not what you see in most You tube video of very small motors made from simple house hold objects - you just see a fuel burning with a lot of air to produce a fine blue flame.

No thrust.

A soda can is most likely made from aluminum and will melt at very low temps because it is thin.

However with enough engineering skill - equipment and knowledge -yes small turbines are made and produce thrust - the smallest i have seen is about the size of a small thermos flask.

animated engines

animated jet engine

will show you how they work.
Aron313 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
I just saw this video and the guy who made it said it had one or 2 pounds of thrust. Jet Engine Made Out Of Empty Beer Cans! 

Just wanted to show you.
a) Do you have a link?
b) a lot of things get said on Youtube without being true!
c) you can make pulse jets - similar to the jet used to propel the V1 rocket in ww2 although I still think that aluminium will melt. beer cans tend to be made from steel.

2 pounds of thrust from something weighing in at a few ozs is quite a lot and you would see more being used by the modelling fraternity as power to weight is always something they are looking for.

You can see in animated engines how a pulse jet works (see my previous post)

Aron313 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
It wasnt youtube it was an intractable. I already made a pulse jet already tho so i wanted to make something new.
There as a number of " jet " engines here but mostly as they say they don't work, and for the beer can engine - also here it doesn't say it produces thrust and as yet no video showing that either.

The best option I have seen is to use an old car or lorry turbo charger.

Other than that there is a lot of engineering involved to get it going.

PS beer can engine used Boddington cans that are steel.
Aron313 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
Thanks for all the info. I guess when i make one i will need to put more money and time into it to make it produce thrust.
Kiteman6 years ago
Have you seen the projects on Aeolipiles (AKA Hero's engines)?
Aron313 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Thats cool how those aeolipiles work!
try doing a wikipedia search on pulse jets. Not very complicated, and very good pics. If not, kiteman has a great one on doing it with a jar.
(Thank you)