Can you make a wifi antenna??

OK, so here is my idea, I want to make a wifi antenna from scratch and then ad a booster to it to improve my old laptop's range.
Is it possible to build your own antenna or do you need a base antenna or connector?

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iceng2 years ago

What you are looking for is the can antenna CANTENNA

JM1999 (author)  iceng2 years ago

So it looks like I'm gonna need a wifi dongle :(

Thanks for the help so far, I'll keep this topic open for a little longer just in case a few other ideas pop up :)

iceng JM19992 years ago

NO Dongle !

All you need is a wireless adapter and copper or brass rod.

These are highly directional.

If your into omni-directional try this

JM1999 (author)  iceng2 years ago

Have you any idea where to get the adapter from cheaply?

I should be able to get them online but is there any chance of making one?

seandogue iceng2 years ago


I also presume the OP has done a thorough search using google et all on the subject? Seems like nearly ever one fothese queries can be answeredeasily if folks were willing to do their research. FYI, queries do not have to posed ass perfect sentences.I often do searches just by stringing related terms

for this one, (and most) a simple, effective (google/etc) search can be constructed by evaluating the important words in your query

"Home made WIFI antenna." (you could try using "DIY" instead of homemade if that doesn't work or even use both "DIY homemade ...")

btw, the first phrase resulted in a very large number of useful hits.

iceng JM19992 years ago

Why don't you make one !

JM1999 (author)  iceng2 years ago

Ok, I'll give it a go!

iceng2 years ago
seandogue iceng2 years ago


You can also get so called WiFi extenders for distances of up to 500m.

Bit of overkill though.

If none of Kiteman's links are to your liking search for "pringles WiFi antenna" on Google.

People adopted the same design in various sizes for their needs.

Problem with most of these solutions is that you get a directional antenna, so it is more for stationary use.

Have you thought about disabling the internal WiFi and to use a Wifi USB stick with external antenna?

JM1999 (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

I'll search the pringle antennas and see what I can find.

I have thought of disabling the wifi and getting a USB stick but I really didn't want to buy anything :)

If possible I wanted to make one of those USB devices but that might take a bit too much work :(

iceng2 years ago

Lots of them cantenna actually

Wired_Mist2 years ago

Rather then building an antenna from scratch...

Why not use a Wifi Extender? ( two ppl have suggested something similar...)

Just buy a wireless router and use it as a Assess Point !

If you have a 5-Ghz router and a 5G reciver you can have full Gigabit Ethernet over Wi-Fi :)

Kiteman2 years ago
JM1999 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

The second one looks best atm but it still needs the SO-239 coupler which I don't have.

The first one can easily be improved as it uses a usual usb wifi device to start :(

I'll start checking around for a SO-239 coupler and see if I can't knock one up :)