Can you play Windows PC games on an Xbox 360??

I have an Xbox 360 and I know I can save 360 games to the harddrive and run them.  I was wondering if I could save the Windows PC game to the xbox hard drive and then play it off the harddrive.

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arrowjam11 months ago

How do and can I copy a PC game to a dvd and play it on a Xbox 360

zmathis6 years ago
yes games for windows works on xbox 360 because they are both made by microsoft

What about the xbox original?

You can play using emulators of sorts but you need a modded console (I got a Reset Glitched console) and only works with some games that are homebrewed, I don't know if you can use something like PCEngine360 and play minor games on it.

Like they say maybe without redesign not to mention down resolution of textures (Like I have to do for PC Skyrim mods on the 360) it may not work dependent upon the game.

*The only reason I decided to post this after seeing how old it is, is because the software for modded consoles probably wasn't as available back then.

minijc4 years ago
can this be done with non steam games e.g. a disk
because there is this realy cool game i want to play called death to spies and it is only on the pc
Okay I dont know if any of you have heard of the game Arma 2?? Well I bought the game from steam and I think its my computer that makes the game lag alot. So i wanna know if I could possibly like put it on to a disc and play it on xbox.
SRSCA7 years ago
there are a couple of games that are PC and 360 Compatible meaning you can play the same game on both the 360 and play it on your PC.  It is not the same as the CROSS Platform games
milsorgen7 years ago

The implementations of the Xbox OS and DirectX are not the same as the equivalents on the PC. Also the CPU is PowerPC based as opposed to x86 so even if all else was equal the program would still need to be recompiled.
lemonie7 years ago
Different format / construction.
People "port" games between platforms by doing a bit of re-writing, then other people discuss whether it was worth it / done well or badly. It's a cheap way of releasing a game on another platform, but you can't do it yourself.*


*unless you are an experienced multi-platform games developer, but if you were you wouldn't have asked the question.

Burf7 years ago
Nope and there appears to be nothing on the horizon that would make it possible.  I have heard of some hardware and software hackers working on different projects to enable crossover use, but nothing so far.