Can you put a 13b Wankel Rotary in a Corolla or Camry?

13b wankel rotary engine. 89 Corolla 87 Camry.

kuromu8 years ago
As both of those cars are front-wheel drive cars, there would be MAJOR reconstruction needed to fit the 13b Rotary into it. It would not fit onto the transmission already in the car, even if it would I doubt the transmission is built enough to handle the load. You would need to use a transmission matched to the engine, which would mean converting the car to rear-wheel drive. Possible? Yes. Expensive and time-consuming? Most definitely. There ARE cars out there that have been converted from FWD to RWD (and even AWD), but the price tags associated with them are often worth much more than the gains and done 'just because'.
kuromu8 years ago
In other words, with enough time and money, anything is possible.
aqwiz kuromu8 years ago
or more to the point, . . . enough "Engine"uity?
Yes, it can be done and a lot more easier then you think. you can purchase the adapter here.

Once installed it very easy, good luck.