Can you run a small 12 volt motor with wireless electricity & without a battery?

First I lay a long wire under a thin base of wood or plastic (wire could be coiled)

I then put a "pick up" on a small motor with wheels.

Would the motor travel along the path of the wire?

Woudl I be able to send a digital signal, through the electric, to a decoder sat with the motor?

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rickharris5 years ago
No nor really the motor would draw too much current to drive directly - you may be able to charge on board batteries inductively but the track would be complex and costly in coils of wire.
No, not possible.
What about a linear-motor, would that count?

chris9999 (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago

Thanks for the reply -

Which part is not possible?

I can well believe the digital signal (that I could send another way) but running a motor?

How about lots of short coils in a line and the motor could move from one to the next picking up electricity as it goes?
Frollard has it nailed.
frollard5 years ago
Steve is right -- to wirelessly transmit power, you really need a coupled coil -- and getting a small coil that would follow along another coil would be near-impossibly difficult to make resonate and transfer power...