Can you say vote for me?

I was wondering, does asking people to vote for you at the bottom of your instructable disqualify you from being able to win a contest? 
For Example,
If I put at the end of a "how to reuse water bottles" instructable, "please vote for me in the reuse contest" or "don't forget to vote for me in the reuse contest", am I automatically disqualified from winning?
I know that you are not allowed to bribe people into voting for your instructable and stuff but are you allowed to encourage it in that way?

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Kiteman2 years ago

I compromise - I don't ask in the instructable, I add a comment with a friendly suggestion that readers vote. When the contest ends, I delete the comment.

pucksurfer (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

okay cool, thanks for the advice

The answers you got read to me that you can but get less respect in the long run.

bwrussell2 years ago

There's no rule against it but I for one do not vote for Instructables that ask for a vote. I feel that the only Instructables that deserve a vote and to win are the ones that make me want to vote through sheer quality.

If you are going to do it then consider going back and deleting the line after the contest is over. Not much makes me stop taking a guide seriously than seeing a beg for votes long after the contest is over.

pucksurfer (author)  bwrussell2 years ago

okay, thats good to know, thanks, I think I'll follow kitemans advice and just make a comment and then delete it


Plenty have. I wouldn't worry about it.

True enough and the did not win.

bwrussell iceng2 years ago

Correlation is not causation. In this isntance I suspect that it has more to do with the fact that the type of instructables that have a beg line tend to not be of the quality necessary to win.

iceng bwrussell2 years ago

Well put.

pucksurfer has some neat concept ibles, I don't think he has to beg to win.