Can you take hexbug sensors and use them for arduino?

I am getting an arduino, and have an old hexbug. I wan't to know if i can use the bugs sensors on the arduino, and how.

Which hex bug do you have? How much do you know about electronics? Do you think you can figure out how to isolate the circuit so that the arduino can read the inputs?
Mandorian (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Hexbug ant and original. I am very beginner at arduino. I do not think I could isolate the circuit (beginner, I'm not exactly sure what that means.)
The ant uses little more then a contact switch as a sensor. When the bug bumps a wall with the antenna the antenna is pushed up against that little spring. This closes a logic circuit on the beg telling it to back up. The gearing of the bug is set up so when it backs up one side doesn't move making it turn as it backs up. After the pre set amount of time has been spent backing up the bug then moves forward again. This can be easily duplicated with an Arduino and motor shield using a home made sensor or ripping the bugs sensor out.

As a beginner to arduino you will want to start with something a bit simpler to accomplish. Go to the learning page on the Atrduino web site and start playing around with the examples they have there. This will get you more familiar with how to connect hardware to the controller and program a sketch to use the various functions of the micro controller.