Can you use a digital camera as a Webcam?

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zieak8 years ago
That depends on the camera. What make and model are you talking about?
Super_Bobito (author)  zieak8 years ago
Pentax optio w30
please help some one if you can i haver been all around the internet. webca m software for kodak v550 zoom? Plz respond
have not haver
and webcam not weca m
Super_Bobito (author)  zieak8 years ago
Thats the W60, i have the W30, But thanks for the help, ill look around B&h and see if i can find the right model. thanks for the help. P.S. I love your instructables. keep it up!
Thanks and good luck! People are continuously finding ways to work around the limitations so keep looking around - maybe in a few months someone will write some software that will help.
Super_Bobito (author)  Super_Bobito8 years ago
I also noticed, if you search the W30, it comes up, but the link takes you to the W60 model, weird huh?