Can you use fused plastic bags to make small plastic boxes?

I would like to make some small plastic boxes to hold assorted electronic experiments, are the fused plastic bags hard / strong enough to form around a wodden block or similar to shape into a small box?

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jtobako8 years ago
Fused plastic bags are closer to fabric than you might want. You could try the vacuum former instructables for stiffer containers.
mad_mat (author)  jtobako8 years ago
Cool JT .. I will do just that, thanks.
trf8 years ago
Ok well ill try and say this as simple a possible. First you need to find what you wanna make. For example, if you want a rubix cube sized/shaped boxm you need to find a HOLLOW shape the same exact size and shape. Then what you gotta do is either purchase thick sheel plastic to the thickness you want or you you can make it by either fusing plastic bags layer by layer by sandwitching them between alluminum foil and using an iron on a low setting or putting them in wax/oil on the stove on a low heat. To be specific for the heat you will need to research the plastic. If you use oil (can be vegetable), the surface will be oily and tough to paint. Add your plastic to that boiling until you have a blob the size you want. hot work it with the above ironing methood to make a sheet.Heres your sheet. Now you need a vaccum mold. So take your shape that you found earlier and put a hole just a bit smaller then the open side on your shape in a tupperware container and then glue and tape it on so the hole u have in the tupperware is aligned with the hole in your shape. Now you have a close tupperware with ur shape as an extension. Now you gotta drill a bunch of SMALL holes onto your shape from air to enter. Then in your tupperware container, drill a hole just a bit smaller then a vaccum cleaner hose and put ur vacum cleaner hose into it and tape it up. So now when you turn the vaccum on, it sucks air through the holes in your shape. You now have a working vaccum mould. Now, with that sheet of plastic you have, heat it slightly (be careful not to burn or char the plastic) in the area that will cover the mould.Once its heated, lower is carefuly and gently over your mold till plastic is at the bottom of your shape and the complete shape is covered. Now switch the vaccum on and off very breifly to suck the plastic right to your shape. Let harden and remove. You now have a box with an easy to replicate form already made! Good luck man!
cdubnbird8 years ago
i melted (fused) some grocery bags together using an instructable and it was surprisingly hard probably about as hard as the plastic on a mechanical pencil. the only problem was that it is extremely difficult to mold and/or shape. you can only make large simple shapes so maybe just casting 5 squares of grocery bags or whatever your choice bag is and then gluing or screwing them together?
Go garbage picking and use the housings of electronic components that are similar to what your circuit needs. Like for instance, you could use an old TV remote for an LED flashlight, etc.
mad_mat (author)  The Lightning Stalker8 years ago
Fantastic idea Stalker, they would often have their own battery compartment included! Thankyou.
Re-design8 years ago
Wow! I had never heard of fusing plastic bags. What a great idea. it looks to me that if you fused enough you would have a rigid or semi-rigid plank that you could then make into a box. Or you might try fusing them around a form of the right size and shape to achieve the box you want. I might try that myself for some other uses I have.
jtp1398 years ago
you might be able to if you make a sturdy frame out of wire or something.