Can you use nicad batteries in a ups?

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Slowpoke7 years ago
I don't recommend it. 

Most UPSs use SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries and their charging circuits are designed to charge SLAs. There are big differences between charging NiCads and SLAs. If you were to just use NiCads in place of the SLA, the UPS will cook the NiCads very quickly. You would have to modify the charging circuit to correctly charge the NiCads.
sctirvn687 (author)  Slowpoke7 years ago
Good Info, Thank you for the reply.
lemonie7 years ago
Yes you can, but you need a UPS designed for the job.
So either - don't try it with the UPS you have, or do you really want to try making a UPS from scratch to go around the Ni-Cds you have?

sctirvn687 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
No, I don't think I want to build one from scratch. Thank you for the reply.