Can you use the stepper motors out of small printers for cnc ?

mattgilbert8 years ago
Many printers, copiers, and definitely scanners have stepper motors, though psymansays is kinda right, sometimes they are DC instead. I've found there's sometimes a mix of both, especially in "all-in-one" type devices. I've never seen a scanner that didn't have a stepper motor though.

I'm working on a McWire CNC, and I tried to use steppers from an old printer. They apparently aren't strong enough, though I haven't given up yet. If the stepper is geared down I may have better luck, and a laserjet fuser I found had a very highly geared down stepper motor. I'll try that next and keep an eye out for more trash laserjet printers.

So, my answer to your question is: maybe. Power is the big issue, and personally I'm thinking torque can compensate if you can keep any gearing-down mechanisms in tact. The older the printer/copier/scanner/electric typewriter that you find, the more likely it is to have big motors that may work for CNC.

Good luck!
psymansays8 years ago
Most printers use DC motors with optical encoders, rather than more expensive stepper motors. Anyway, CNC often require a lot of force to hold your router in place, so strong steppers are best.
110100101108 years ago
probably yep. you need to make or find a controller thatl drive the motor