Cannot access my draft instructables and cannot make a new one?

I just saw that I am not able to access my drafts and when I create a new instructable it just says updating and I never get to edit it.
Please help on this

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Vyger5 years ago
I posted a bug report on it. Feel free to jump in and add your many cents worth.

Someone else said that theirs was working fine. I tried in both IE and Firefox and both do the same thing which is display a long error report.
kelseymh5 years ago
Post this in the forums under Help:Bugs. The Q&A section is not monitored for bug reports.

Clear your browser cache and then try opening your draft. If that doesn't work, then post a BUG report (like kelseymh suggested).
Vyger5 years ago
It appears that they are making changes to the web pages again. I noticed that the rating button has disappeared. And I have a couple of works in progress that now will not display so it appears that they broke it again while trying to improve things. They usually figure it out and get it fixed.