Cannot download patterns without putting a bug in my computer?

I have tried to download a couple of patterns and when I hit "PDF Download" and another site pops up that says to download pattern, you have to download this other program. I tried to download the program because I REALLY wanted this pattern. It really screwed up my computers- and I STILL could not download the pattern. Is there any other way to print these patterns without messing up my computer?Thank you for your help!
June Hearn

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iceng4 years ago
  1. Ask a pro friend to download it for you
  2. Write an instructable about something you think is interesting
  3. if it gets featured you will get a free pro-membership.

Have fun doing it will make you successful.
junehearn (author)  iceng4 years ago
What if you do not know a pro friend? And, it would take ALOT of time for me to write an instructable about one of my projects- I have NEVER done it before and wouldn't even know how to start.
I appreciate your response- atleast I NOW know what I need to do to print a pattern. I would appreciate any more help you could give me. I am new to this web-site, so I am clueless as to what all needs to be done.
I could give it a shot. I think I still have some time left on my membership... PM me or something!
iceng junehearn4 years ago
You can buy a pro membership see the right bottom of this page.
rickharris4 years ago
Neither of the instructables you have shown interest in in your profile have patterns as such in the PDF - it is just a print of the instructable as you see it.

have you a particular instructable your looking for a pattern for??
Blechmen4 years ago
What is this pattern for? Photoshop?
To download the PDF of an instructable you need to be a premium member.