Canon XM1 Lost component fix?

Hi there,

So I've managed to break my CA910 Compact Power adapter, from what i understand it charges batteries and it also acts as a middle man between the power supply another lead that plugs into the camera to power it from the mains.

The DC-905 DC Coupler is now effectively useless and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a DIY fix that would mean I can start powering my camera from the mains again, below is a copy of the cameras manual (I know it says Canon GL1, ignore it its the same camera!);

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them,


Picture of Canon XM1 Lost component fix?
Vyger4 years ago
Check on eBay. I did a fast search and there are several of them, some expensive and some very reasonable. For something like this you are probably better off to get a replacement.