Can`t delete a file!

I can`t delete a file named That file is really getting on my nerves because it`s killing my flash player. It just grays out the Move To Trash button. I have Linux Ubuntu 8.10. Thanks!

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will421 (author) 8 years ago
Never mind, I`m switching to windows (XP) anyway.
dombeef8 years ago
Get Mac or right click it and press open and a document and delete what ever you want
will421 (author)  dombeef8 years ago
Doesn`t work
wilcurt8 years ago
I've had this problem before, and all I had to do was restart the computer and it would delete. Otherwise you need to get a file shredding program.
will421 (author)  wilcurt8 years ago
Hmmm... What about a command that wipes the info inside the file (safedelete)?
will421 (author)  will4218 years ago
ARG! Never mind, Safedelete is getting annoying.
B.F.L.M8 years ago
I have no idea what a *.so file is/does, but try killing a process that has that name (im sure linux has a version of program manager.....)
will421 (author)  B.F.L.M8 years ago
Doesn`t work, but anyway:

  • is the file that shows the Gnash (GNU flash player) plugin.
  • I don`t know what a .so file is, but that probably doesn`t matter.
you could try deleting it in an adminastrator account or if you have mcaffee you could try shredding it
will421 (author)  IgnorantZebra8 years ago
Done and not working. Besides:

  • You can`t log in as root.
  • There`s no linux version of mcaffee.