Can't find the right pins on flyback transformer

 I used various guides to find the negative 0V pin but all outputs give the same values. What can I do to find it?
It's one of those 'new' transformers.
Also, my transformer to test the thing and use the multimeter is about 14VDC (and the readings when testing give about 16V :P).
Should this work? As I live in Europe it should run on 240V.

Something else regarding this:
Do I really need to make a circuit driver for it or can I use the onboard waveform transformer thingy too?

And, if I get this thing to work, could I make a 2N3055 driver but with a different transistor?
(I have a IRF630N transistor, would that work? I've also got  C546B and C556B!)

A flyback transformer does NOT WORK ON MAINS. DO NOT TRY IT.

What do you mean by "new " transformer ?

YOu need to make a driver for it, probably.
snateraar should always wear safety glasses
that robot has DANGEROUS thinking
snateraar (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
@First one: I did a big derp there. The whole TV was meant to run on 240 volts, and I'm fairly sure the whole thing is rectified and transformer to somewhere around 50 volts :/

@New transformer: There's the toroidal 'old' transformers found in CRTs from 20 - 30 years ago. The new ones are obviously from CRTs up to 20 years old :)

@Driver It would be a bit shitty to make a driver for it if the thing itself doesn't work at all..How can I test it?