Can't open (unscrew) my maglite flashlight.

So far, i've used wd40, soaked in Coke, boiled in water and submerged in ice water. No Movement.

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tristemono11 months ago

If you know a machinist, bribe him to have a go at it. Also, you could try a strapwrench on the barrel and pipe wrench on the cap. And a friend ro help.

Last resort may be to start by removing the head and switch assemblies, then the batteries. Then some vinegar for cleaning, and finally some PB Blaster.

pbastan5 years ago
Your batteries are corroded and melted the threads. It's most likely a silver Maglite right? I have had this problem before and again on another silver light. So I won't be buying any more silver maglites. They tend to have less protection then the other colors. I use the same brand and date of batteries so that's not the reason. I even store all of them in safe places.
H207 years ago
First, don't use coke. it will create a sticky mess which will prevent the lube from getting to the threads.  Next if you can, lightly tap it with a hammer.  If that doesn't loosen it, hit it a little harder.  These maglites are shockproof!  Now try getting a pair of pliers and turning it.  If that doesn't work, put it ino a vice and turn.  Make sure you are turning it the right way or it will make it worse.  :)
frollard8 years ago
When aluminum seizes or cross-threads it can be a nightmare to unscrew. Best bet is to use a penetrating lubricant, and LOTS of force. Heat up the outer portion, and chill the inner portion (At the same time if possible. Trouble with mag-lites are the weatherproofing prevents lube getting in on the threads where you need it. To help loosen, perhaps try tightening the cap a very slight amount before loosening.
What are you applying twist with ?