Car battery powered camping Light. How to connect them: Series or Parallel?

Im planning on building a 12v car battery powered camping light, using some old 12v car light bulbs (just one filament, not  like the modern ones that have two, they are 23 watts). How would you connect it?, In series or Parallel?

The next images show my main idea,

I think the way to go is in parallel, to keep every light bulb powered with 12v, but I am not good with electricity. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Picture of Car battery powered camping Light. How to connect them: Series or Parallel?
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orksecurity8 years ago

In parallel you're cutting the resistance in half, so you're draining the battery twice as fast, but they both get full voltage.

In series, the resistance is doubled, each gets half the normal voltage, and you lose light.
Unless you're concerned about making the battery last as long as possible and are willing to lose some of the light to make that happen.
Or... just use one bulb and get a brighter light in a smaller area for the same drain on the battery.
inserbot (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
Thank's to everyone! I'm going with a parallel connection.
JimFlo8 years ago
Or ditch the headlights, unless you need a spotlight. A single RV bulb will give a more diffuse light, not as bright but covering a wider area more evenly. And its easier on your eyes. Put it in an old clamp on work light. They are still cheap brand new, and you could clamp it on a branch or pick-up tailgate...
pumukly JimFlo7 years ago
Hi guys,
I have a question on how to update the above a lil' bit. I was planning to connect the battery to bulbs just as above - plus adding a switch, but in the same time connect it to some solar lamps in the garden so the battery is being charged all the time. I do not know how to connect it due to:
1. there must be some kind of rezistor that would block battery trying to put electricity to solar pannels
2. wouldn't the solar garden lamps be overcharging the battery?
3. how to connect all this - anyone has an idea?
kk khrab8 years ago
it's good to put them parallel u get even amount of brightness and the battery will last longer.
inserbot (author)  kk khrab8 years ago
Thank's, I'll put them in parallel. Theres no problem with the battery, I will make the car run every once in a while to recharge it.