Carbon Monoixide Danger, Camping Heater?


I have recently bought a camping heater however i'm now unsure if i can use it. i bought it for my garden shed, i work in there building and fixing things. it gets cold in there some nights and i just use the heater for 30 mins or so. I installed a carbon monoxide alarm thought it was safe but im not so sure now.

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Propane and butane heaters like that kick out very, very little CO at all - the biggest problem is huge amounts of water vapour. The Carbon is emitted as CO2

Propane/butane heaters are very common as unventilated "spot" heating over here.
iceng5 years ago
It might just deplete the O2 in your shed.
A dead man switch of some sort could be useful
or exchange it for an electric heater...

Indoor use propane heaters have catalytic converters on them to use them safely. I used them before and woke up just fine while camping in a tent.

See if its UL listed for safety. They cant just slap indoor use on it if it kills too many people.
Burf5 years ago
If it says "For indoor use only" means it is designed for indoor use and you should be safe using it inside your shed. Having the CO monitor is a good idea just in case there is a hidden problem.
canucksgirl5 years ago
It doesn't look like a vented model (if that's the one you have), and shouldn't be used indoors without proper ventilation.
Vyger5 years ago
It should say on the heater if it is safe for indoor use. Some will say that you need ventilation and some are pretty safe, It all depends on how its made. But if it says outdoor use only then CO could be a problem.