Chain lift for K'nex roller coaster?

Hi, can some one give me instructions on how to make a K'nex roller coaster chain lift?  That would be great! :D  thanks in advance! :D

salomon1996 (author) 6 years ago
thanks for the answers so far, I;m not a beginner with K'nex, but I'm a beginner with K'nex roller coasters :P and i also only have normal and mini K'nex pieces, no roller coaster tracks, some piping, but probably not enough
Oh i see. I will try to find one mon!
There are tons of them out there! You just have to look. This one is good for beginners (if you are one ;).

Hope that helps! ;)
jacobdlyon6 years ago
This is a very easy to follow video of how to make a K'nex roller coaster chain lift. 

Hope it helps.