Change pendant light bulb?

I have three teardrop pendant lights over my counter; one light bulb burnt out. I tried to change the bulb but it does not screw in - not sure what type of bulb this is? Really, I've changed light bulbs forever, but can't figure this one out. Search You Tube and DIY for a video but only found typical light bulbs or recessed lights. Your help is much appreciated.

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orksecurity8 years ago
Photo of the fixture, with closeup on the bulb socket, might help.
paulbb (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
Thanks everyone. Asked a friend to look at it. The light bulb is actually inside a tiny globe - this tiny globe pulls straight out - the light bulb itself is a plug in type bulb (2 long prongs).
seandogue8 years ago
have you tried giving them a gentle push inward and then twist (again gently)? They *might use a bayonet fixture.
Beat me to it... that or straight pull (rare)
Re-design8 years ago
Did you try pulling it straight out? It might not be a screw in but instead a plug in type.