Changing brakes on an '06/'07ford freestar, how do we push the cylinder back in?

We bent a cast iron pipe clamp trying to push the brake cylinder back in, it didn't budge.

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The Ideanator (author) 8 years ago
As it turns out, the cylinders had to be compressed AND twisted to get them back in.
acidbass8 years ago
you need to use a hand crank lever that can push the piston back
NachoMahma8 years ago
.  Bleed all the pressure from the cylinder. Should be a "Zerk"-type fitting on the back of the cylinder or on the master cylinder.
.  Be sure to bleed air from entire system when finished replacing pads.
The Ideanator (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
I know how to change brakes, we tried all of that already.
I've had problems where the cylinder was so crappy from corrosion that the piston WOULDN'T go back. I had to push the piston out, then remove the caliper, then clean the cylinders with a fine abrasive on a piece of dowel.

CLEAN the cylinders scrupulously to remove any contaminating grit before you reassemble.