Cheap cat-daddy - what can I use instead of store-bought cat litter for finicky spoiled cats who insist on clay litter?

I'm getting sick of paying for basically dirt so my cats can poop in pleasure. Any suggestions. BTW, they refuse to use the green stuff or the newspaper stuff. They're all three around 13-14 years old, so they pretty much own my wife and me. I just want to spend less money to serve my masters.

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dvaught57 years ago
Wood pellets, normally used for wood pellet stoves, are made of 100% wood products and safe for kitties.  They turn into sawdust when wet and help to absorb odors.  Here they are $4.50 for 40 pounds, whereas litter is $15.00 for 40 pounds.
caseyv8 years ago
how about a 3 inch layer of sand with a layer of newspaper(not shredded) and baking soda underneath ( or a layer of clumpable litter) The poop can be scooped from the sand the urine wiil filter down to the papers.  You can even wash the sand  using old panty hose or something similar.  But be prepared for higher maintenace and odor.
writes4me8 years ago
We've been using Cedar Shavings bought at Walmart. They come in BIG bags and are relatively cheap.

Other items:
Pea Gravel system works well.
Horse bedding purchased at feed and seed stores.
Take your shredder and shred news paper, junk mail, old bills, etc. and use the shreds as litter.

What ever you do, do not switch over all at one. Cats are not great with change so a gradual shift will work much better. Start with 1/4 of the new stuff and each week increase that amount. If at anytime your cats don't care for it, then stop and leave it for a bit, then start again.
bbtug8 years ago
you could use chicken feed. it still clumps like the clumping litter and is allot cheaper.
there was an instructable on a green pea litter box maybe this would help -- includes instruction on training cat to use (very simple) here is url for it...
frollard8 years ago
...they can't hold it forever... :S mix cheap stuff with the expensive stuff, and slowly wean them off by changing the proportion.
Prodigity8 years ago
Can't you put a layer of clay litter over some newspapers? :)