Cheap/ easy way to make cloroform/ buy cloroform?

Don't ask why, I want to experiment with it, an a few other thins. I would also like measurements of clooform and their effects. ( eg. unconsiosness, dissynes... )

Steamdnt8 years ago
They wont tell you here because of an obvious connection with rape, but really its not something to be playing with
paganwonder8 years ago
VERY dangerous to play with in spite of what the movies might indicate- you need ALOT more education/knowledge before experimenting with such stuff- no kidding people can die.
lemonie8 years ago
Chloroform is nasty poisonous stuff. If you're ever wonder ing, search for "(chemical) MSDS", e.g.
MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet.
It's not something that you should really be trying to make, but expolore this search for information: