Cheap microcontroller?

I'm looking for a cheap microcontroller that i can use to control at least 3 led's. All they have to do is flash very quickly at different speeds. I dont have any experience with microcontrollers but i do have limited programming knowledge. Suggestions?

tlegasse6 years ago
Easy one. I just bought an msp430 from ti for 4.30$
klee27x7 years ago
Best documentation and path of fastest success is from a PICAXE chip. Revolution Education, UK. Go there and download the free manual. Buy a chip or three for $10.00. It's also the cheapest way to start. No programmer is needed. All you need is a serial cable (you can hack the old cord off any old serial device, like a mouse or old palm pilot dock, etc.) They're a lot of fun. You can migrate to the harder core stuff from there.
bluekelp8 years ago
Check out the AVR series. There are tons of free tools and tutorials, and the chips themselves are anywhere from US $1.75 - $5. The $5 chips will be quite powerful (much more than 3 LEDs).

Buy an Arduino:

Or check out NerdKits for easy to use starter kits (more expensive though).

Have fun!