Cheap sites?

could someone put together a guide or something to cheap sites. so that it would be easier for people to find what they want and dont need to spend so much time on google. if u know a some good ones that is

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onrust6 years ago
If I need a small sheet of copper I cut tubing, bend, and hammer it flat. Also some recycle yards will sell it at a "cheaper than new" price...... but be careful!
orksecurity6 years ago
Commodity and parts prices vary continuously, depending on availability and market competition. The cheapest site one week may be the most expensive the next. (Probably not, but they're unlikely to still be cheapest.)

Copper's price has skyrocketed in recent years... but the price you quote sounds completely unreasonable. First hit on a websearch for "copper wire" is Amazon; first price shown there is a one-pound spool (80 feet) of uninsulated 14-gauge copper wire for about US$20. If you refine that search to add the desired gauge size, specify insulated or uninsulated, specify stranded or not, and/or say what you want the wire for (hookup wire, house wiring, etc.), you should be able to find what you're looking for fairly easily.
Also, remember the standard advice:

Quality! Service! Price!
(pick any _two_)
Qsam (author) 6 years ago
i didn't mean like that i meant stuff that could be used in projects. or just sites that have stuff that is hard to find. i live in sweden and tried to find copper wire. and after searchin for a while i found a site but it was really expensive. 200 grams for about 45 dollars.
lemonie Qsam6 years ago
Mmm, yes, but you've got shipping, on metals that can be expensive.

Have you tried the Resources forum here on Instructables?

aelias366 years ago
So, you mean like this?
Qsam (author) 6 years ago
Lemonie: sites where u have bought things that where cheap that could be usefull for other DIYers... that was my thought anyway
Kiteman6 years ago
Instructables is free.

You don't get much cheaper than that.

So stay here.

Don't leave.


lemonie6 years ago

What, in your definition of the words, are "cheap sites"?

aelias366 years ago
Wouldn't you need to use Google to find the guide? And what ever happened to browser bookmarks and advanced search queries?