Cheapest DIP glue logic?

I am looking to by some glue logic chips to prototype in so they must be in dip packages. I also want them to be cmos chips and not ttl. I am looking for which family of logic is the cheapest and for a good place to by them on the cheap. I don't care about the specs that much in terms of speed by I would hope for 5V and the ability to supply 15mA or more. The reason I am asking instead of finding the answers for myself is that I have already tried looking but there seem to be so many families that are very similar and I cant come to a conclusion. Ii was hoping that somebody who had some experience working with them would have some insight into me question.

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Bog standard 4000 series is the most flexible for many uses.
Those do seem to have replaced the 7400-family TTL chips which used to be the standard proto/hobbyist parts.

They're better than 74 series, because they are more flexible, and you get some LSI functions in them.
+1 And the GIICM lists the 4000 family first, um... here:

4000 series gets a bad rap for being slow doesn't it ? but it's wide range of operating voltages (3-15V) , its current drive and low power makes it unbeatable for a lot of jobs still.