Cheese fritters like golf balls, spherical?

Mother used to make them from flour dough with grated cheese. They came out beautifully crisp on the outside and chewy inside. She would just spoon the dough into hot oil and Voila ! Don't have the recipe. Please help.

BeanGolem8 years ago
Ho Ho! food. yum.

Try googlizing: "fried cheese balls",1-0,fried_cheese_balls,FF.html

Those are the first three results. I bet you could modify one of those to replicate your mother's recipe.

I didn't see any on Instructables, so it looks like you'll have to post an I'ble when you make them! (yes, joining Instructables is worth it)
hit_dSpot (author) 8 years ago
BeanGolem's suggestions have been simply wonderful. But hey! Mom's recipe still comes out BEST!