Clarifications about a linear induction motor.

Several questions:
-Calculate the force of a linear induction motor from the magnetic field/current (aluminum induced surface)?
-How does one determine the direction in which is moves considering the magnetic fields are not static and there isn't a second magnet since it is just an aluminum induction surface?
-Is there an optimal current frequency for a linear induction motor?
-Is there any way to make a single phase Linear induction motor, and avoid using 3 phase current?

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Read Eric Laithwaite's work on them - he pioneered them. His book on EM theory,

A linear induction motor is JUST LIKE an ordinary induction motor, so the theory of the latter drives the former.

No, it isn't possible to make a single phase linear induction motor
amelius (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Could you post some links to his work which would answer my specific questions?
You will learn more by searching and reading Eric's work. I doubt steve is going to spoon feed it to you.
Laithwaite delivered two Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, the first, an Engineer in Wonderland had an accompanying book, which is a very valuable introduction to electrical theory.