Clay-how to homemake clay(the kind you throw on a potters wheel and fire?

in my high school ceramics glass we had clay that we could use on the wheel or to make pinch pots and then fire them in a kiln. i have a kiln i dont know how to use but thats a different discussion. Can i make my own clay? If not how do i get it really cheap?

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jtobako8 years ago
Proper way? Dig out the clay, let it dry, crush it, sift out all the rocks and roots, re-wet it to very thin (like soup), let the sand settle out, drain off the clay (still in the water), settle out the clay, drain off the organics in the water, add sand back into the clay, and test for shrinkage, plasticity and cone (fusing temp). Short cut? Find some clay soil, see if it 'feels right', add some sand if it's too sticky or make mud if it breaks too easily, then, when the mudpuddle is mostly dry, scrape off the top where the stickier clay is.
Prfesser8 years ago
Moist clay from a proper potter's supply runs about $15 for 50 lb. Which is a pretty fair number of pots. But if that's too much, do some searching around for an excavation. In many areas of the United States, clay is close enough to the surface to make it possible to dig it out and use it---and if excavating is being done, much of the digging is done for you. Check with the nearest college/university that has a geosciences course, see if the prof there knows where you can get clay locally. Prfesser (not of geosciences)
Re-design8 years ago
You can come to my house and dig it out of my front yard. No kidding, I get clay down about 8 inches and it continues about 8'. But since you probably don't want to do that, here's a link to an ehow article about making your own clay.
Bigev Re-design8 years ago
That sounds like my house. To dig you almost need an apprenticeship in pottery.
Kiteman8 years ago
At its simplest, clay is a kind of soil with very small particles and little (or no) organic matter. You may be lucky to have some you can dig up nearby.