Clean a gas motor to get rid of the grease and the oil

Is there a way I can clean a 2 stroke gas motor that I disassemble? I want to get rid of all this grease and this oil and if possible, is there a way to remove rust? I tried with water but there is still grease on it

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kelseymh8 years ago
As NachoMahma wrote, soap and water with a high-pressure hose works wonders.

A steam cleaner (TheGasMaskGuy) will also work, but you really need to wear appropriate safety equipment (long sleeves, gloves, goggles) because real steam will give you second degree burns very quickly.

No matter what you use, please clean the parts in a deep pan (such as one of those rectangular 18-gallon storage tubs), and dispose of the waste water as "hazardous waste" (yeah, silly term, but that's what you look for in the Yellow Pages). Dumping a mixture of soap, grease and oil into your storm drain will pollute whatever local water or wetland the drains use.
Patented (author) 8 years ago
Thx you very much guys, I will try those way to clean my motor!
NachoMahma8 years ago
. For the larger parts, a high-pressure car wash works well. No wax, just soap. Dry all ferrous parts immediately. . For smaller parts, I use mineral spirits. Gasoline works, but is very dangerous. . Use wire brushes and/or sandpaper to get rid of rust.
Possibly try a steam cleaner.
Pkranger888 years ago
I sometimes apply a light coating of phosphoric acid, wait a few minutes and then hose off. Commercial engine cleaners are available in aerosol cans from Wal-mart or any auto store.