Cleaning Feathers?

Hi - appologies if this question has already been covered already. I have been given lots of naturally molted bird feathers ( swan, macaw and crow ), which I am hoping to make into feathered jewelery. Does any one know how to clean which any dirt can be cleaned out, made hygenic to sell to general public without ruining the feathers and taking out all the good natural oils in them? Thanks for any ideas.?

Bowfin478 years ago
Place then in an old nylon stocking and wash in the washing machine with very mild detergent on gentle cycle. Place in the dryer to dry on gentle. If the feathers need reshaping, rewet 9you may have to use a little soap & then rinse); and work the fibers into place; place on a flat or curved surface to dry
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
P.S. Always rub them from the pointy end (where it attaches to the bird) to the opposite end or you may ruin them. If you happen to get some turkey wing feathers you can snip off part of the pointy end and fit the insides of a Bic pen in there. I use pens about half out of ink so i can cut the tube of the pen to fit.
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
I used to tie alot of flies for fishing. I used the feathers from my old english game bantams. I always washed them with antibacterial dish soap and hot water. Let them air dry and shape them with my fingers. They have microscopic barbs sort of like velcro between each individual strand. with a little practice you can make them look like new.