Clear vinyl film sticking together

We have a problem with 2 layers of plastic/vinyl film sticking together. When we purchase this product it comes in 48" X 150' rolls and has a kraft paper that separates the layers while on the roll but when we use this stuff we have 2 layers about 3/8" apart after a time due to heat contraction or sitting something on the 2 layers it meets and will not easily pull apart. Is there any chemical or product of any type we can apply that would remove its ability to stick together. If you have a solution please keep in mind there can not be any residue as this needs to stay crystal clear.

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rickharris2 years ago

They are most likely sticking together with static electricity.

You could try to find a way to charge them the same then they will repell each other.

iceng2 years ago

When fragile gaming stickers are applied to screens they usually mist a soap water mixture to allow for position adjustment and squeegee the bubbles and fluid out to freeze the position.

The only thing that you don't have to clean off, peel off, or wont damage the vinyl with grit, is paper.

A little bit of talcum or baby powder works too depending on what you do with the sheets.
The powder can be blown off with pressurised air.
Easiest solution would be to place a sheet of paper between them.

petercd2 years ago

Soapy water in a spray bottle, 1 tsp dishwashing liquid in 500ml water should do the trick.

Try silicone spray