Clock Projector to Projector?

Could I like put an input (???) for like an iPod in and watch non-time?

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lemonie7 years ago
The projector you're referring to was not made with high-performance or high res' parts. And wouldn't take a DV signal either.

mrownsalot7 years ago
You could maybe make it show personally selected numbers 5318008*
but not a movie/picture.

*Type on a calculator and turn upside down *nuff said*
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Please explain further.
Surely one of these? (Plus DV)

.  Ah. Those look like they use LCDs with 7-segment numerals and AM/PM/: discrete indicators. If all this is true, then it would be impossible to get any kind of video out of the things.