Coal Burner?

How to make a coal burner? i have an old computer fan and some other tools how could i do this?

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lemonie6 years ago

You don't need an old computer fan to burn coal.
What, more specifically, are you talking about?

Daniel Deacon (author)  lemonie6 years ago
i know i dont need a computer fan to burn coal. i am talking about a fan to accelerate the process of burning the coal so i get lots more energy out of the coal but for a shorter time ill show a diagram,,,

Sorry for lack of detail it was a quick drawing
Fan coal stove.png

That looks fine, but I'd put your fan on the side blowing in at 90o.
-For hotter still, you could convert coal to coke, by "cooking" it in a tin on a coal fire. If you keep enough air out and get it very hot you drive off the volatiles and end up with a very high carbon fuel.



One question though, since presumably you've done this... What kind of container did you use to keep the "proto" coke from combusting? ( It's what always stopped me from trying it...I keep thinking I'll have to build a steel airtight box for the coal-under-process hooked to a vacuum source to suck off the nasties..)

A regular food can, "lidded" with sand/soil will do well enough, e.g. in the middle of a fire. Once the thing stops off-gassing, take out and let it cool.
Nice clinky-coke.

Daniel Deacon (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Also this is going to be quite small no bigger than a bean can
Daniel Deacon (author) 6 years ago
i have completed it and it works loads better than i thought :)
R.A.T.M6 years ago
what do u need from the coal like hot air or what
Daniel Deacon (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
I just want to be able to burn coal for abit of fun i want to use the oxygen to accelerate the process of the burning at this stage i will play around with it then I am thinking of building some sort of mamod steam engine heater
ok then on your picture try using very thin wire mesh and layers lots of them cuzz 1 it will simply melt it and wer the fan is housed try not hooking it directly to the metal put heat resistant plastic or instalation bewteen cuzz the whole thing is just going to b verry hot